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I was as of late offered a coupon code from and thought I would audit the pieces I obtained for other individuals considering purchasing from them as well! is a Chinese online store that offers garments, shoes and extras and in addition select vintage pieces. Begun in 2010 by proprietor April Smith, Romewe’s force line is offering the exceptionally most recent on-pattern styles, a number of which are planner or superstar propelled. Installment techniques acknowledged incorporate Charge card and PayPal and, as Asos, they offer free overall transportation with no base buy required.

I requested three things, a couple of shoes, a skirt, and a ring, which went to a sum of USD $60.97 (a portion of which was secured by the voucher and piece of which I paid myself). Subsequent to submitting my request I got an affirmation email promptly and it then took 10 days for my request to be picked and sent off, which was certainly more than what I was anticipating. The package accompanied a following number and took around 5-7 days to be conveyed.

For reference, I ordinarily take size 38 (AUS 7.5) in shoes and XS (AUS 6-8) in attire. Presently on to the items, I requested:

My things came stuffed in a plastic pack, so the shoe box got very marked amid travel. When I removed the shoes from the case I was very satisfied with how nearly they looked to the stock photographs. The material is a little on the sparkly/plastic looking side however this isn’t discernible while being worn. The shoes are great developed for a $35 pair of footwear and within and sole are done well. The one thing I despise about these shoes is that they have an unfinished crease around the highest point of the toe. Since you can see every one of the layers of plastic and fabric in the crease, it spoils the look of the shoe for me.

Likewise with the heels I requested from, the lower leg strap of these heels really has a snare that gets around the clasp instead of a genuine lock in securing. I requested these shoes in size 38, which is my standard size, yet tragically, for me they run very little. Despite the fact that I can fit my feet into them, the toes are uncomfortably tight and the right shoe is really a bit smaller than the left shoe (which you can check whether you take a gander at the principal photograph).

The skirt came in size XS, which was cited as having a 66cm belt. When I unwrapped the skirt I saw it was no less than a couple inches greater than that, so I would need to take the skirt in the event that I need to wear it on the abdomen. The shading is spoken to great in the stock photographs and I truly like the profound, lively red of the material in individual. As to style, the skirt has substantial creases as envisioned in the stock photograph and, albeit inconspicuous in the stock photograph, ups with two minimal gold catches, and a zipper. The skirt is unlined and does not have any marks but rather the creases and zipper are done pleasantly.

I got this ring for $1.99 rather than its standard cost of $6.90 in light of the fact that every week Romewe have a deal uncommon on one thing. The ring came tucked into the plastic sack of the skirt, and not in the little pink box as imagined in the stock photographs. Out of every one of my things I’m most inspired with this ring as it’s precisely as imagined and of good quality. I’ve worn it various times and it hasn’t discolored at all as shoddy gems normally does.

All in all, I for one would purchase dress and embellishments from again as the things are of good quality at the cost (and free transporting dependably sucks me in!). In any case, I would reconsider before buying another pair of shoes and would survey in the event that I did. In the event that you have whatever other inquiries concerning purchasing from that I have not tended to, please ask away in the remarks. I’m leaving until Sunday yet will answer any remarks after that.

ROMWE Trending the Fashion

Romwe Coupon



Since my last ‘is it justified, despite all the trouble?’ audit concentrating on Choices went down entirely well, I thought it’d just be reasonable in the event that I tried out a few different organizations that appear to appear every now and again in the blogging circle. As you can likely tell from the title, today that sees Romwe in the terminating line. All things were purchased with my own cash, so there is minimal motivating force for me to be excessively pleasant and merry in case I’m disappointed with anything.

As I’m certain we’re all mindful, Romwe has an exceptionally viable blogging member program, which implies they get stores of introduction from the bloggers they send things to. I’d have no clue who this organization even were if not for bloggers and you tubers being sent garments to survey – so I figure that implies everybody’s employment has been finished. For those of us not getting freebies, the site has splendid basic offers for new clients, and alluring thing costs. I purchased these with the ‘60% off for new clients’ arrangement running at the time (no mystery that I cherish a markdown).

Getting my request to me, be that as it may, was a touch of a trial. The sum I spent qualified my things with the expectation of complimentary express transporting, which, as per the site, would touch base inside two weeks at the upper parameters – most extreme 7 days for preparing, 7 days for transportation. In truth, I brought these dates with a squeeze of salt as Romwe is another China based organization… be that as it may, from past experience all that I’ve requested from China has touched base inside 15 days.

My request stayed in the “handling” stage for 16 days – with no email from the organization concerning why this was along these lines, and every one of the things I’d requested were still in stock so I was somewhat confounded. Amid this 16 days, I’d utilized the little catch to caution for ‘pressing transportation’, and afterward sent two questions to the staff to get some information about my package. My first question got no reaction, however the second I sent through the ‘live talk’ box and fortunately they were exceptionally useful, if somewhat postponed in answering, and my package status changed to “delivered” a day after they answered. It touched base on the 26th of January – around 10 days after I’d anticipated that it would. This isn’t by any records a horrendous affair, just somewhat disappointing, truly. Enough about delivery times, onto the garments! I requested 6 things: two coats, a scarf, a jumper/sweater, a skirt, and a ring. Everything came separately bundled inside the primary package, which is decent.

Initially up is the wool lined military coat in purple – in spite of the fact that I’d really say that in the tissue it’s an entirely lilac. The wool inside is delicate, and feels like it’s a polyester material. The external is an all the more substantial obligation parka material, and I was really amazed at the profundity of the thing. All the sewing is done to an exclusive requirement and the appliqué patches hint at no falling off at any point in the near future. The fit on me is “larger than average” as I’m not the most generous individual around, but rather the drawstrings around the midriff and the stitch permit me to force it to suit.

The Lapel Pockets Woolen Coat was likely the thing I was most energized for, furthermore the thing I was most baffled with. Generally in light of the fact that the shading is an odd ‘dull mint green’, and the material is ‘woolen polyester’, yet an economical mix. I apologize for the wrinkling in the photographs, yet they were quite set in, and I trust a touch of time hanging will help them drop out.

The coat is completely lined, and the pockets are profound (yippee!) furthermore lined. It isn’t really catch securing, however little poppers sit behind the catches for simplicity of attaching, I presume. Like the lilac coat, the fit is larger than average on me, and the length comes to mid-thigh. Additionally the left front stitch sits somewhat higher than it ought to for symmetry’s purpose. I think for this specific style of coat I should’ve seen what was accessible somewhat nearer to home.

Next is the Letters flower print Ombre Sweatshirt, which regardless of being depicted as ‘cotton mix’ is definitely not. We are on scuba fabric road here, which is implied in the photographs, truly, as the sews all have that obvious “air pocket” quality. The shading of this sweater is unquestionably beautiful, the ombre goes from a sensitive become flushed pink (in spite of what my camera glimmer need’s you to think) to some place around indigo at the neckline. I must concede I added it to my crate only for the motto – bye haters, haters going to despise – in light of the fact that why might you not.

My lone second thoughts with this sweater, other than the scuba, is the uncovered sewing along the highest points of the shoulders and the collars topstitching. Whatever remains of the creases are done well, and I’m happy I chose to examine to medium, I think little would’ve been a smidgen excessively cozy for my loving.

I am extremely mindful this resembles the ombre is from naval force to white – trap of the common light!

The Check Print Scarf is my most loved thing out of this entire pull, and sort of the main reason I really chose to spend any cash at Romwe by any means. It’s a beautiful brushed cotton, and the quality is much, much higher than I was expecting (I’ve seen comparable scarves on road slows down in Korea of awful quality). It’s such a splendid Burberry trick – I’m going to receive such a great amount of wear in return.

I totally love this peach print flare skirt, it’s made of a polyester/spandex mix that gives it a smooth vibe and a pullover like stretch. I was frightened that the length would be somewhat perilous, however it sits pleasantly and tumbles to simply underneath mid-thigh. I was additionally stressed that the material would be awfully transparent, and was eased to find that it wasn’t – even held up to the light. Being free size it’s somewhat huge around the midsection for me, so it has a tendency to sit exactly at the highest point of my hips.

Finally, the wave shape ring in silver. There isn’t generally much to say in regards to this other than it’s only a pinch too huge for a large portion of my fingers (I have modest hands), and it’s non-movable. I do like the outline a considerable measure, it helps me to remember a heart follow – I’m truly enjoying the moderate rings right now.

With everything taken into account, do I think Romwe is justified, despite all the trouble?

I’m of blended assessments. Once my request arrived I was truly content with the greater part of the things, insignificant frustrations in a request is surely something to be thankful for – yet the way that it took so ache for my request to get to me, and without much correspondence from the organization because of my enquiries tips it into the “meh” no man’s land of organizations. I’ve seen other individuals have horrendous experiences with the organization, however I do think those cases are unimaginably uncommon, so it’s presumably a touch of pot fortunes whether you get your request inside as far as possible in case you’re not a portion of their blogging program. That is just me hypothesizing however.

Quality astute, I was much more awed with Choies than with Romwe, yet it could simply be the things I picked (albeit some of them are entirely expensive once you expel rebates and/or deal costs). I’m perched going back and forth on this one. I don’t believe they’re an offensive organization by any stretch of the imagination, and I do truly cherish a portion of the things I’ve picked, I quite recently don’t generally see myself purchasing from Romwe in the quick future.

What do you think? Have you purchased from Romwe some time recently? Any awfulness stories, wonderful amazements, or simply your sentiments on these things. I had adoration to listen!

StyleWe Has a Delightful Determination of Current Design Garments

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StyleWe has a delightful determination of current design garments. In any case, on the off chance that you visit their Facebook page or SiteJabber you’ll see a great deal of negative grumblings. Here is my involvement with StyleWe.

I requested the underneath article of clothing on and anticipated that it would touch base inside 2 weeks time in light of their delivery data. You’re given a following number to take after your bundle. As I kept an eye on it, it was by all accounts stuck in Hong Kong for around a week. I messaged StyleWe’s client administration and following two or three days got an answer. In any case, it was a structure letter expressing how sad they were about me needing to give back my thing. Uh?

I answered back saying I hadn’t gotten my thing yet and needed to know the status. Now I was getting anxious around one, giving them my charge card data and two, perhaps all the negative remarks I had perused on the Facebook fan page were valid.

Around 2 days after the fact I got an email expressing that it got hung up in traditions and to be quiet. Great with me, in any event I heard once more from somebody. Clever, how you feel like a little child hurrying to the post box each day, peering in, did it come yet!

Week four I got an email saying it was in Kentucky.

Somewhat more than five weeks lastly conferred in my letterbox.

Here’s my perception

To begin with, it’s from China, however they may have somebody in New York overseeing things, online networking and so on. Additionally, the photographs are exceptionally proficient and profoundly styled.

They express that these are autonomous architects in spite of the fact that I have yet to locate a genuine creator on Instagram or anyplace so far as that is concerned. My “originator” is ElenYun. In any case, I can’t discover any data on her past what is on their site.

In the event that I was an architect on this site I’d be more than worried with the negative remarks. Be that as it may, you can read how StyleWe is a design creators ‘closest companion’.

The site can be difficult to peruse. There are numerous mistakes and at times it simply doesn’t bode well. It appears like they may utilize Google Interpret.

They have upgraded their site since I initially requested. What’s more, they have overhauled their delivery data. Perused it before you buy something.

In the event that you have any grumblings and are not getting a reaction by means of email, attempt their Facebook page or on SiteJabber, they will (from what I’ve seen) answer you (they did for my situation).

I saw that they don’t generally demonstrate the distinctive shades of the same dress. You need to tap on the fashioner to see all that is offered by that planner, and it will indicate you if a dress arrive in alternate shading.

You can look by size, fabric sort and architect from a menu on the left hand side.

From the remarks return/trades can be deferred pretty much the length of acquiring.

1. Submit an Arrival/Trade ask for on their site.

2. Email proof of your buy

3. Send thing back

4. Wait

More on how you have to give back a thing.

When I made my request they were utilizing DHL. DHL administration is utilized Europe and Asia. DHL in all likelihood doesn’t have the same measure of centers that FedEx does as such that could represent more postpones (in any event in the U.S.). It would appear that on my request DHL sent it to a USPS focus and after that conveyed to my home. So you can see they plausibility for deferrals. Which is fine? I need not bother with a 60.00 dress to arrive the following day.

In general, I feel this is another e-business organization that may have begun in Asia and after that chose to go worldwide. It simply does not feel like they have enough individuals to oversee it effectively for westerners adapted to more straightforwardness, moment satisfaction and better correspondence.

Furthermore, as a purchaser in the event that you purchase something knowing early that it may take 4-6 weeks it may ease any uneasiness. Numerous individuals left remarks thinking the entire organization was a sham. In the event that I arrange once more, I will be chiller.

This is the article of clothing I acquired. I intentionally obtained something that wasn’t costly and was liberal in fit.

The fabric is polyester, the back has two layers of sheer, chiffon sort fabric. In addition, there are little shoulder braces. You should take a gander at the fitting specs for every thing, regardless of the fact that it is the same ‘creator’. Looking through the dresses, now and again I was a little and in others an extensive. I’m certain everything is “Made in China”.

For this buy I chose a medium in view of the estimations. I was worried about the sleeves, thought they may be too tight, so I liked requesting the medium.

The photographs are first class and there are a few perspectives and a zoom highlight that you can utilize.

Quality? It is a 60.00 dress. As a sewer I can let you know it would seem that some other mass created piece of clothing. I would be intrigued to see a portion of the higher valued pieces of clothing and their points of interest fabric and so forth..

Generally speaking I’m content with the buy. Would I purchase once more? I’m worried about the quick mold angle and working conditions. This site helps me to remember comparable China based apparel destinations that offer dresses, articles of clothing and so on for 11.99 and such. The pieces of clothing on StyleWe are touted as outlined by autonomous architects and the plans themselves are exceptionally wonderful and cutting edge. I do love what they have on there, undoubtedly about that.

However, I think about how much the fashioners get, who are they and more straightforwardness on that end. I would love to get notification from one of the creators. Why don’t they put one up on their Facebook page rather than the adorable puppies and ‘look how I lost 10 pounds” recordings. Their Facebook bolsters doesn’t appear as expert as I think it could be.


I’ve been glancing around for other free mold planners, perhaps nearer to home, that give me the straightforwardness that I need.

These organizations look encouraging and at times have been on the scene for quite a while. The costs differ, some are somewhat steep for me, so to the sewing machine!

Steven Alan

Of A Kind

Each Separated

Have you utilized StyleWe, what was your experience? If it’s not too much trouble leave proposals or remarks. In addition, I would love to know whether there is other comparable destinations to StyleWe that have numerous originators on it, yet perhaps with more data on the creators themselves.

3 Glasses Frames That Are Timeless



3 Glasses Frames That Are Timeless

Wearing eye glasses adds finesse to your entire look, and for most people it is a must to wear eyeglasses. You just can’t do without them. While the idea of wearing contact lenses is gaining popularity quickly, many people still prefer the old school idea of wearing eyeglasses instead of putting on contact lenses. For these people, finding the perfect frame that adds to their personality, while still remaining trendy for as long as possible, is a true challenge.

When it comes to eyeglasses frames, the trends change every year. Designers bring in new shapes, the mix things around a little, or like the latest trends, bring in a blast of the past. Following the trends, finding the frame that best suits your face shape and still staying under a budget is very complex, if not outright difficult and impossible. So instead of changing your eyeglasses every year and adding the extra strain on your pocket, you should try to find something that will stay in fashion for longer. That is where we come in! Here are some timeless eyeglasses frames that will never go out of style and will make economizing your expenses a little easier for you.

The Oval Shape

This shape has been in style for a long time and seems to find its way onto the ramp with one or another designer’s collection! Yes, the oval shape is a winner. If you’re looking for a timeless frame, you’re looking at the right shape. But finding a timeless frame is not the only part of the problem. There is more. Your face shape makes a huge difference in what looks good on you and what doesn’t. So before you decide to buy an oval shaped eyeglasses frame, see what kind of face shape do you have. If you are someone with a square shaped face, the oval eyeglasses will help reduce the edginess from your look, giving you a softer vibe.

The Round Shape

The round shape is the oldest frame in the history of eyeglasses frames. It is the true definition of timeless and one frame that can be used by every age group. When I think of round eyeglasses, I think of Harry Potter and my grandpa! Yes, it is truly timeless! The round shaped frame works great on heart shaped people. Not only are they able to carry it well, it looks absolutely marvelous on them. If you are someone with a round shaped face, you are better off not getting round framed eyeglasses as well.

The Rectangle

Another timeless frame is the rectangle and a very diverse one as well. It looks good on many face shapes, which is why it is one of my absolute favorites. You can never go wrong with a rectangular frame. It works great with oval and round face shapes, adding a little bit of edge to both. Recently, oversized rectangular glasses have been the talk of the town.

If you want to further save money, then your best bet is zenni optical coupons. Save money on whatever frame you decide to buy!


What Makes Eyewear Optimal

zenni optical


What Makes Eyewear Optical

For people who need to wear their eyeglasses continuously, choosing a pair that is both comfortable and offers perfect vision is absolutely necessary. Since eyeglasses affect your vision so directly, you need to consult your optometrist well before you go ahead and buy yourself a pair. There are certain aspects of eyeglasses that are much important for you than how trendy and fashionable your glasses are. Therefore, it is better to choose quality and comfort over the visual features of glasses.

Quality eyewear can be very expensive at times and zenni optical coupons offers some amazing reductions in prices on some of the best quality eyewear you will come across. Coming back to the topic at hand, what makes eyeglasses optimal for you?

The Lens

The lens is an important part of the eyeglasses that determine how much your vision needs fixing. If you’ve got the wrong power lens, you are practically ruining the entire purpose of wearing eyeglasses which is to fix your vision. Another thing that is important is what kind of material do you want your lens to be made of, glass or plastic? Moreover, many people need extra features added to their lens because their eyes cannot cope with natural light directly anymore. These features include anti-glare glass, hard coatings, tints, filters and much more. So before you buy eyeglasses, you need to have detailed meeting with your optometrist where they determine the exact kind of lens you need.

  • Lenses are of more than one type and you need to know which kind suits you best.
  • Reading lenses.
  • Progressive lenses.

The Frame

What kind of frame you chose for your eyeglasses is another crucial aspect of picking the perfect eyeglasses. If these are your first glasses, you need to understand that you will not be able to bear heavy weight glasses for too long, which becomes especially problematic if you are supposed to wear your glasses all the time to improve your vision. If your frame is too heavy, it will become an inconvenience and will make it hard for you to wear your glasses continuously. Moreover, the frame needs to be large enough to cover your sight completely, but must not touch your cheekbones, or make your nose or the area behind your ears hurt. That makes the glasses uncomfortable to wear. Also, the width must not exceed the temples too much. So a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when buying a frame are:

  • Light weight frame to be comfortable for wear.
  • Large sized frame to encompass your entire vision.
  • Comfortable width, without being too tiny or too large.

Other than these crucial points, you are free to choose the color and design of the frame, keeping in mind that the glasses must be comfortable to wear above all else. Color and design are pretty important too, since they contribute to your personality and overall look. Here’s to hoping that you find the most optimal eyeglasses for you.

Bathroom Decor Trends 2016

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Bathroom Decor Trends 2016

It is always a chore to renovate your bathroom, since it is the one place that you like being used to without any changes or differences. However, as 2016 rolls around, it will change your ideas about the traditional bathroom designs, and will make you want to renovate and upgrade yours into the new luxurious style. However, renovating your entire bathroom takes a lot of effort and is a pretty expensive process, so before you start upgrading your bathroom, figure out what it is exactly that you want done and how much it will cost you. Figure out ways to save up money, plan out a budget, and then move forwards. Home depot coupons and home depot promo codes can help you with saving aspect of your problem. The next step is to find out what bathroom decor trends look like in 2016.

Bring In The Gigantic, Statement Mirrors

One of the coolest trends that 2016 brings to the bathroom decor world, is the presence of large, statement mirrors. As a major fan of mirrors myself, I could not be happier with this investment. It is an amazing addition to a once bland bathroom and adds a retro and chic look to it without any effort at all. All you need is a couple of gigantic mirrors in your bathroom and you have altered the look completely. It does not get better than this.

Natural Materials

2016 seems to be the year of all natural textures. Wood has gained major footing in the decor world and designers are flocking to incorporate it into their new bathroom designs. Whether it be in walls or ceilings, or in the stands, wood is here to stay and it is staying for a while.

Natural textures and materials are all in this year, going beyond wood, with natural stone and rock as well, with these materials being used for sinks and counters.

Colors And Hues

It is all about blues and greens combined with white this year, with designers incorporating white into the mixture to give a calm, serene and pastoral feeling, while also accomplishing a refined and sharp look in the bathroom.

Tiles Everywhere

The tiles on the wall trend is back and in full swing, with designers bringing different and versatile tile arrangement patterns to the mix. Gone are the days of patterned tiles and the present pays tribute to simple, white tiles being arranged in creative patterns on walls, with different patterns like herringbone and basketweave being extremely popular.

Metallica Hasn’t Left

Metal has definitely not left the mix yet, with designers saying it will be incredibly popular this year as it was last year. From sinks to shower rails, to metallic walls, metal is everywhere in your accessories and basic decor.

Hide Your Messes

Large, closed cabinets that hide your messes and your array of bathroom products like lotions and what not, are definitely the talk of the town this year. With designers bringing in some major cabinetry that resembles furniture more than just bathroom cabinets, designers are changing the outlook of bathrooms completely.


Closet Trends 2016

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Closet Trends 2016

Trends have been changing quickly as 2016 made its appearance, and with that many interior designers have brought many new trends and designs to the floor for 2016. From living rooms to kitchens to bedrooms to bathrooms, everything has seen new changes. Considering the importance of a closet in a home, it deserves its time in the limelight as well and you need to know how you can better design your closet space based on functionality and visual impact.

Renovating your entire closet is an expensive and time consuming process, and one that is bound to leave your house in a mess. Therefore, some of our pointers here will be easy to buy, made even easier by home depot coupons which you can collect.

Coming back to topic, let’s see what the designers bring to us in terms of closet trends in 2016.

Go bolder

2016 sees an incorporation of boldness in all designs, in all dimensions, whether it is clothing or even interior designing; bold is the new black this year! With that in mind, that’s what we see in closet spaces as well. Interior designers seem to be utilising greater spaces for closet use, and not just that, the previous notion of putting a lid on it is gone, and we see cabinets with either no doors, or with doors that put everything on display in a more sleek way. From sliding doors to good old normal doors, everything has either glass inserts or just does not exist. If you are a germaphobe, or amathophobia, then you are better off with some doors on your compartments but go for translucent or transparent materials.

That’s not all, though! When it comes to colors and textures, designers are no longer opting for a monochromatic, minimalistic theme. On the contrary, with a greater use of textures seen, the colors seem to be diverse and in greater variety than seen in previous years. Closet doors, drawers, panels, everything! You need not match everything to a specific color scheme anymore. Also, you can incorporate more than one texture in your closet now without it looking out of place. Trends are definitely going for bolder schemes this year!

A Change In The Lighting

Smarter lighting means that now every space in your closet will have its own set of lights. LED lights seem to be hitting it off with lots of designers using them in their collections. Moreover, the simple, orderly overhead lighting of yesteryear seems to be replaced by much more compelling spotlights. If that doesn’t scream bold, then I wonder what does! Designers are holding nothing back this year.

Accessorize Like You Want To

The accessories of your closet are the drawer knobs, the cabinet handles and anything that stands out from the rest of the material being used to make the closet. The trends this year seem to be leaning towards brass for all sorts of accessories that are a part of your closet. Moreover, any other hardware in the closet also might as well be made of brass. Brass seems to be Mr. Popular this year.

4 Affordable Accessories Stores You Should Know About



4 Affordable Accessories Stores You Should Know About

I like coordinating my outfits, making sure of every last detail and accessory. I’m sure many women feel the same way about dressing up for work, or university, or for just about anything. With that in mind, finding stores with attractive, affordable accessories is a hassle in itself. Walking from store to store, trying to find something good enough or just trying to coordinate the accessories with your clothes can be really tiresome. When I started building up my accessories collection, I didn’t know where to start looking. So I spent hours sifting through one store’s collection, then another till I found something that I liked enough to buy! I understand the struggle of shopping for accessories which is why I’m about to tell you a couple of extremely affordable stores that will make shopping for accessories that much easier for you.


Planet friendly accessories. Ever heard of that? Well, you will once you shop at Monki! Their already extremely affordable collection, plus the great variety of accessories that they have at their stores seems to only add to their case. Ranging from classical to modern accessories, Monki has it all. This is one store that I would recommend that you definitely visit. Their attractive prices have got me convinced that there is still hope for cheap shopping when it comes to accessories!

Wolf And Moon

If you’re someone that treasures handmade accessories, then Wolf and Moon will be like heaven to you. Making sure that all their accessories are handcrafted by the owners, you will find individuality and uniqueness in all of their products. And if you like getting your hands on one of a kind accessories, then Wolf and Moon is bound to fulfill your expectations. Their intricately and carefully designed accessories are something worth noticing and the best part is, they are as affordable as it gets!


Now this store offers a huge range of products, diverse in every way possible. From prices to designs, you will definitely find something that fits your criteria at Etsy. Also, when it comes to all things vintage, Etsy takes the crown. Their collection is an absolute wonder for all classic accessories lovers out there and huge collection makes Etsy a playground for such customers. If you can’t find something classy enough to go with your graduation gown, check out Etsy and you will be surprised at the options you have!


From contemporary to classic, this is one store that never disappoints. Their affordable prices only seem to add shine to the overall package making their equivalent to winner deals. Available at many major stores, Kohl’s coupons and Kohl’s promo codes will give you discounts on many of their already affordable products. If you want to save money and still look elegant and classy, Lauren Conrad is your go to store. It is the perfect mix of variety and diversity, while their prices are the cherry on top. Head into LC and you are bound to find something that you’ll love.

3 Stores With The Best Deals On Sportswear



3 Stores With The Best Deals On Sportswear

I just started working out a couple of months ago. A healthy lifestyle and the fact that I’d gained 5 kilos over a period of 3 months seemed to be motivation enough for me to finally start working out. To say it was a tough couple of months would be an understatement. Aching bones and cramped muscles leading to a life of better opportunities and health. Let’s say that the change in my demeanor has started to become worth the pain of the first month of exhausting workout regimes.

When I started working out, I realized that my wardrobe was lacking in more than the typical female urge to declare a wardrobe full of clothes empty. I had absolutely nothing to wear that qualified as sportswear! If that wasn’t a major setback, you know nothing of the woes of a budding workout enthusiast. To rectify this problem and build a wardrobe of sportswear so that I could set out on my mission to lose weight, I did some heft research on affordable sportswear stores. Here are the ones that I absolutely loved shopping at.

Old Navy

An often heard name but one that isn’t given enough credit. Old Navy has one of the best sportswear collections. Their racks offer a vast choice in terms of every item of sportswear that you could need. Workout tops, yoga pants, sports bras, you’ve got yourself a lot of variety at Old Navy. What add value to their collection are their extremely affordable prices that make shopping a much easier task. When I started building my workout wardrobe, Old Navy was like paradise to me! Not only did I find more than a couple of things that I liked, it didn’t cost me a fortune to buy them.


This might seem like a ripoff. It’s not! Ebay offers some of the cheapest prices on brands that normally cost you a lot. So if you’re interested in buying things at half their price but of almost the same quality, Ebay is your man. Online shopping is becoming popular quickly nowadays, and I’ve become one of those people who love shopping from the comfort of their own home. Going from store to store seems like such a hassle and I would do anything to get out of it. Ebay is th perfect savior and knight in shining armor!

J.C. Penney

Quality and affordability together in the perfect package, that’s what defines my experience at J.C. Penney. While it might have looked like an unsavory choice in the past to me, my opinion has since then changed drastically. I’ve actually become quite the fan. Other than the fact that their prices are already very affordable, the fact that they have clearance sales every other month makes me a very happy chipmunk!

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Best Times Of The Year To Shop For Shoes


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Everything seems to be getting more expensive by the day and managing all your expenses in a fixed budget is getting harder every day. Clothing items prices seem to be skyrocketing and there doesn’t seem to be an obvious solution to the problem. And when it comes to shoes, they are an essential that you need to restock on regularly. At the rate they get worn out, you need a new pair of shoes every couple of months, and yet there has to be a way to buy shoes without straining your pocket too much.

There are certain rules that apply to smart shopping and one of the rules is to buy certain items at certain times of the year, and this applies to shoes as well. For every type of shoe, there is a certain time when it must be bought to avoid high prices. Here are the times of the year when you can buy certain types of shoes.


Everyone needs a pair of sneakers in their closet. Even if you do not work out or exercise regularly, you never know when you might need these. For long travelling, sneakers are the most comfortable option. So it would be a shame if you didn’t know when to capitalize on buying these. April is the best month for some sneaker shopping. That is when most stores are trying to empty their racks off the winter stuff to make space for summer apparel. Another good month for buying sneakers is November.


Often used during the winter, they are a crucial part of your wardrobe during the colder seasons. Off-season clearance sales are the best place to start looking for some winter boots. Considering that most stores become impatient to get rid of their winter stock once the summer starts rolling in, they will be giving huge reductions on prices and most times, you are able to get your hands on something truly worthwhile at a very cheap price.


No matter the season, you need some heels in your wardrobe all the time. They are hard to do without in the office and are an absolute essential. They vary in design according to the seasons and are therefore harder to assign a specific time to buy. Depending on the kind of heels you will be needing during the season, do your heels shopping! If it’s winter, then you need some high heeled winter boots, and if it’s summer, then wedges are what you’re looking for.


The word sandals is commonly associated with summer and spring, so accordingly the right time to start looking for some good sandals is March. That is when they have been in stores long enough for the prices to have come down a bit, but there is enough good stock for you to get your hands on some pretty sandals.

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